Shipping Lamps

We manufacture and export a vast collection of nautical lamps that are available with us in numerous designs and variety with inbuilt oil burners. You will find a selective range of Nautical lamps to suits most requirements and pockets. An antique range of nautical lamps are a perfect decorative item with ethnicity. An handcrafted nautical lamps manufactured by us are a perfect product which can be enhance the beauty of your home d�cor. It can also be availed by us in all sizes, shapes and colors.

Code:1801Mine Lamp (Big)
Size: 8.5x30cm

Code:1802Mine Lamp (Small)
Size: 7.5x20 cm

Code:1803Anchor Lamp
Size: 14x28cm


Small Lamp (Antique)
Size: 6x6x13.5

Code:1805Clipper Lamp (Small)
Size: 18x28 cm

Code:1806Ship Lamp (Small)
Size: 24x35cm

Code:1807Triangle Lamp
Size: 12x27cm

Code:1808Top Lamp (Big)
Size: 14x14.5x36cm

Code:1809Pentagon Lamp
Size: 14x27 cm

Code:1810 Square Lamp ( Two Wire)
Size: 10x10x24 cm

Code:1811Cargo Lamp (Medium)
Size: 10x10x28 cm

Code:1812Hutch Lamp
Size: 19x9x26cm

Code:1813Rectangle Lamp
Size: 11.5x8.5x24cm

Code:1814Square Lamp (Two Wire)
Size: 10x10x24 cm


Anchor Lamp (Medium)
Size: 12x25cm


Ship Lamp (Small)
Size: 16x25cm

Code:1817Hanging Lamp (4rods)
Size: 12x32 cm

Code:1818Lamp style -1

Code:1819Lamp style -2

Code:1820Lamp style -3

Code:1821Lamp style -4

Code:1822Guard Lamp
Size: 6.5x8x3.6 cm


Clipper Lamp (Medium)
Size: 20x38 cm

Code:1823Cargo Lamp (Big)
Size: 16x16x40 cm

Code:1824Mine Lamp
Size: 8x27 cm

Code:1825Harican Lamp ( Brass)
Size: 14x30 cm


Herican Lamp (Iron)
Size: 15x33 cm

Code:1827 Sprit leavel
Size: 15x3x4 cm

Lamp (Antique)
Size: 10x38 cm


Lamp (Antique) Small
Size: 9x20 cm


Railway Lamp
Size: 18x16x28 cm