We are engaged in manufacturing and export a wide range of sand timers that can be measure the passage within a hour. Its dual connected bulbs allow a regulate trickle of material from top to bottom. It can be inverted automatically to begin timing again when top bulb is empty. Sand timers manufactured by us are highly used for cooking, kitchen egg timer and also as a decorative item.

Code: 2101Sand Timer (Wooden)
5 Minutes
Size:  10x19 cm

Code: 2102Sand Timer 10 Minutes
Size:  7x22 cm

Code: 2103Sand Timer Hanging on a
Stand with a compass on
Bottom (5 Minutes)
Size:  10x19 cm

Code: 2104Sand Timer 5 Minutes
Size: 7x17 cm

Code: 2105Sand Timer 3 Rods 15 Minutes
Size:  7.5x19 cm

Code: 2106Sand Timer
2 Minutes
Size:  3.5x14.5 cm

Code: 2107Sand Timer 1 Minutes
Size:  6x10 cm

Code: 2108Sand Timer 10 Minutes
Size:  20 cm

Code: 2109 Sand Timer (Hanging) 5 Minutes
Size:  5x10 cm

Code: 2110Sand Timer (Hanging)
5 Minutes
Size:  7.5x15 cm

Code: 2111Sand Timer 2 Rods
5 Minutes
Size:  7x19 cm


Code: 2112Sand Timer Wooden Base
(3 Brass Rode)
1 Minutes
Size:  6x12cm

Code: 2113Sand Timer 3 Rods
5 Minutes
Size:  7x19 cm

Code: 2114

Sand Timer (Wooden)
5 Minutes
Size:  9.5x16 cm

Code: 2115

Sand Timer
Wooden base with brass Rods
5 Minutes
Size:  8x17cm

Code: 2116Sand Timer with 4 Rods
15 Minutes
Size:  10x21cm

Code: 2117Sand Timer
Hanging on a Stand
1 Minutes
Size:  10x20 cm

Code: 2118Sand Timer
1 Minutes
Size:  5.5x12 cm

Code: 2119Sand Timer 5 Minutes
Size:  8x17 cm

Code: 2120Sand Timer 10 Minutes
Size:   10x10x20 cm

Code: 2121Sand Timer 4 Rods
(Antique Finish)
30 Minutes
Size:  12x32 cm

Code: 2122

Sand Timer Hanging
On Rod with Compass
Base (Antique Finish)
5 Minutes
Size:  18x35 cm

Code: 2123Sand Timer Hanging on
Rod with Wooden Base
1 Minutes
Size:  11x6x16 cm

Code: 2124Sand Timer Hanging on Stand
5 Minutes
Size:  11x5x22 cm