Nautical sextants

We can design and provide a large selection of Antique Sextants which is highly polished to a beautiful finish. A quality made and fully functional range of Antique Sextants manufactured by us with free of maintenance patina. It can also be customized as per your specific requirement and are offered by us with hard wood cases and inlaid polished brass.

Code:1001Nautical Sextant
Size: 10 cm

Code:1002Nautical Sextant
Size: 10 cm

Code:1003Nautical SextantRack & Pannion
Size: 10 cm

Code:1004Nautical Sextant
Size: 10 cm

Code:1005Nautical Sextant
Size: 10 cm

Code:1006Nautical Sextant
Size: 20 cm

Code:1007Nautical Sextant Wooden
Size: 12 cm

Code:1008Nautical Sextant Octagonal (Wooden)
Size: 26 cm

Code:1009Nautical Sextant Circumfrance (Round)
Size: 20 cm

Code:1010Nautical Sextant Rack & Pannion
Size: 12 cm

Code:1011Nautical Sextant (Vertical)
Size: 20 cm | Height 10 cm

Code:1012Nautical Sextant (Round)
Size: 18 cm

Code:1013Nautical Sextant (Round)
Size 15 cm


Nautical Sextant (Vertical)
Size: 20 cm


Nautical Double Sextant (Horizontal)
Size: 10 cm

Code:1016Nautical Sextant Round on stand
Size: 20x30 cm

Code:1017Nautical Sextant Wooden Base
Size: 8 cm

Code:1018Nautical Sextant
Size: 30 cm

Code:1019Nautical Sextant(Round)
Size: 35 cm

Code:1020Nautical Sextant With Compass
Size: 15 cm

Code:1021Nautical Sextant Triangular cut
Size: 23 cm


Nautical Sextant
Size: 17 cm

Code:1023German Pattern Nautical Sextant
Size: 10 cm

Code:1024C-plath Humburg Nautical Sextant
Size: 8 Inch

Code:1025Henry Barrow & Co. London
1917 Ship Slow Motion
Nautical Sextant
Size: 7 Inch