We manufacture and export a wide assortment of weather station, astrolabes and globes that are beautifully designed by our well qualified artisans. These are mostly used by weather department and are also used as a decorative item for commercial or non-commercial places. An array of astrolabes manufactured by us is an antediluvian computer which is highly used on ships to tell placement and time. Weather station manufacturer and exporter provide you a vast collection of nautical items which was used to indicate the local time. Today, these are highly used and appreciated as a decorative item that can add an sophisticated look to your home or official decor.

Code:1601 Hygro Thermo Watch (Set on wood)

Code:1602Hygro ThermoBaro Watch (Set on wood)


Code:1604Globe (Brass antique)

Code:1605Globe on Double Ring
size:19 x20 cm

Code:1606zodiac Compass (Wodden brass)
size:14 x17 cm

Code:1607Globe on Pillar
Size: 10x44cm)

Code:1608Telegraph 18"
Size: 15x64cm

Code:1609Telegraph 12"
Size: 13x35cm

Code:1610Brass Candle stand
Size: 18.5cm

Code:1611Binnacle Compass
Size: 14x35 cm

Code:1612Bookend compass With watch
Size:10x14x18 cm

Code:1613 Elided 18"
Size: 36x10 cm

Code:1614 Bookends (Sand Timer)
Size: 10x14x18 cm
Code:1615 Bookends (Globe)
Size: 10x14x18 cm

Code:1616Bookends (helmet)
Size: 9x14x18 cm

Code:1617Pen holder with Gimble compass
Size: 19x8.5x9 cm

Code:1618 Pen holder with sundile comapss
Size: 19x14x8.5 cm

Code:1619Pen holder with GGlobe
Size: 19x8.5x12 cm

Code:1620 Sand Timer with compass
Size: 23x8x19 cm

Code:1621 Pen holder with Telegraph
Size: 19x8.5x15 cm


Hygro on wood
Size: 23 cm

Code:1623 Wall Thermometer
Size: 30 cm

Code:1624 Bar0meter
Size: 23 cm

Code:1625pan holder With Sand Timer
Size: 30 cm

Code:1626Sprit leavel
Size: 15x3x4 cm
Code:1627 Sprit leavel
Size: 15x3x4 cm
Code:1628 Globe with compass
Size: 18x20 cm
Code:1629Alidade 'A' Type (wooden brse)
Size: 36x19x25 cm
Code:1630 Dumpy level
Size: 11x5x11.5 cm
Code:1631 Globe with compass
Size: 18x20 cm
Code:1632 Alidade on filler
Size: 15x22 cm
Code:1633 Dumpy level
Size: 11x5x11.5 cm

Code:1634Titanic Bell
Size : 17x32 cm


Code:1635Wheel Titanic Bell
Size : 10x18 cm

Code:1636Anchor Titanic Bell
Size : 10x18 cm

Code:1637Titanic Bell
Size : 16x30 cm

Code:1638 Brass lamp
Size : 45 cm

Size : 54 cm

Code:1640Brass lamp on wooden Base

Code:1641Brass lamp on wooden Stand
Height: 30 to 40cm

Code:1642Brass lamp(Nickel Polish)
Height: 68 to 88cm

Code:1643Brass lamp(Nickel Polish)
Height: 40 to 69cm

Code:1644Brass lamp(Nickel Polish)
Height: 68 to 125cm

Size : 11.5x11.5 cm

Size : 17x32 cm

Code:1647Dumpy lavel (Reversr able)
Size : 28x17 cm

Code:1648 Elided Folding(Big)
Size : 46x6x15 cm

Code:1649Elided Folding(small)
Size : 38x6x15 cm

Code:1650Pencil Elided
Size : 32x10 cm

Size: (A) 10x20cm (B) 15x23cm (C) 20x32 cm

Code:1652Dumpy lavel
Size: 37x16cm

Code:1653Table bell
Size: 12x10cm

Code:1654Wodden Box
Size: 28x13x9 cm

Code:1655Wodden Box
Size: 16.5x14x6 cm

Code:1656Wodden Box
Size: 24.5x12.5x9 cm

Code:1657Bulb Horn
Size:6x20 cm

Code:1658 Bulb Horn
Size:14.5x40 cm

Code:1659Bulb Horn
Size:12x40 cm

Code:1660Bulb Horn
Size:20x33 cm

Code:1661Bulb Horn
Size:10x20 cm

Code:1662 Wheel calender

Code:1663Wheel World Time

Code:1664Spin Yarn
Size:19x14x13 cm

Code:1665Wooden Box (Dice)
Size:6.5x6.5x6.5 cm

Code:1666Box sextant

Code:1667Wooden box
Size:24.5x12.5x9 cm

Code:1668Wooden box
Size:24.5x12.5x9 cm

Code:1669Porthole Mirro
Size: 52 cm

Code:1670Wheel Frame Mirror
Size:29 cm

Code:1671Porthole Mirror
Size:29 cm

Code:1672Anchor Frame (Wheel) Mirror
Size: 29x46 cm

Code:1673Globe (Set)
Size: (A) 6.5x14 (B) 4.5x11 (C) 4x9 cm

Code:1674Wooden Box

Code:1675Wooden Box
Size:18x10x3.5 cm

Code:1676Elided A Type

Size: 6.5x15 cm