Magnifying Glasses

In an advance scenario dial system Magnifying Glasses are not even exist in the market and counted as a antique product. A wide array of antique Magnifying Glasses are available with us in attractive finishings. The uniqueness of the Magnifying Glasses has become very classy and used as a Working item. The company has established itself amongst the leading antique Magnifying Glasses manufacturers and exporters of India.

Code:2001 Paper reading Magnifying Glass

size:5.5x4x4 cm

Code:2002 Magnifying Glass with standd

size: 10 cm

Code:2003 Magnifying Glass with standd

size: 8 cm

Code:2004 Magnifying Glass

size: (A)10 cm (B) 10cm (c) 10cm

Code:2005 Magnifying Glass

ize: (A)10 cm (B) 10cm

Code:2006Magnifying Glass

ize: (A)7.5cm (B) 7.5cm

Code:2007Magnifying Glass

size: (A)10 cm (B) 10cm (c) 10cm

Code:2008Magnifying Glass

size: (A)10 cm (B) 10cm

Code:2009Magnifying Glass

size: (A)10 cm

Code:2010Magnifying Glass

size: (A)10 cm

Code:2011Magnifying Glass

size: (A)7.5 cm (B) 10cm (c) 7.5cm

Code:2012Magnifying Glass

size: (A)7.5cm (B) 7.5cm

Code:2013Magnifying Glass

size: (A)10 cm

Code:2014Magnifying Glass

size: (A)10 cm (B) 10cm (c) 7.5cm

Code:2015Magnifying Glass

size: (A)7.5 cm (B) 6cm (c) 6cm

Code:2016Magnifying Glass with stand

size: 5.5 cm

Code:2017Magnifying Glass

size: (A10 cm (B) 8cm (c) 6cm (d) 5cm

Code:2018Magnifying Glass tent

size: 10 cm