A beautifully carved solid range of Nautical Brass compasses manufactured by us are highly appreciated by the worldwide customers because of its fully functionality and beautiful finish. Most of the Nautical Brass Compasses are being produced with high-luster finish & well polished and some of these are offered by us in an antique brass finish. A large selection of Nautical Brass Compasses are available in stock, and now we are manufacturing the main variables that affect the accuracy of a sundial are the azimuth, latitude of the instrument, and level. Nautical Brass Compasses manufactured by us has the ability to set all three variables.

Code:1301 Gimble Compass

Code:1302 Gimble Compass

size:(A) 8 x 9 cm (B) 6.5 x 8cm

Code:1303 Brunton Compass with stand

Code:1304 Compass (Nical polish) Three Legs

Code:1305 Compass with pen holder

Size: 15 x 2.5 cm

Code:1306Tangent Compass

Size : 12 x 13 cm

Code:1307wheel Compass

size: 12 x 13 cm

Code:1308Scale compass

size:5.5x6.5x2 cm

Code:1309Sundial Compass

size: 6cm

Code:1310Drum compass (big)

size : 11.5 x 6 cm

Code:1311Drum compass (small)

size: 9 x 5 cm

Code:1312Butterfly sun Dial compass

size: 11 x 8 x1.5 cm

Code:1313Sundial Compass (small)

size: 15 cm

Code:1314Sundial Compass

size: 18 cm

Code:1315Round compass with Wooden Base

size: 15 x 4 cm

Code:1316 Bridge Deck compass (Nickel Polish)

size:20x10 cm Compass: 15cm

Code:1317 Zodiac Compass

size:14.5 x 6 cm

Code:1318Sundial Compass

size: 10 cm

Code:1319Helmet compass (Big)

size: 24 x 24 cm | Compass : 15cm

Code:1320Paper Weight Compass

size: 6x3 cm

Code:1321Helmet Compass (Smaill)

size:12.5x16.5 cm


Boat compass

size: 8 x14.5 cm

Code:1323Brunton compass

Code:1324Plastic dial compass

size: 6 x2.5 cm

Code:1325Sundial compass

size: 11 cm

Code:1326Brunton compass

size: 7 x3 cm

Code:1327Pocket compasss

size: 4 cm

Code:1328Bridge deck Compass

size: 10 cm


size: 10 cm

Code:1330Square sundial compass

size: 10 x 10 cm

Code:1331 Boat Compass (Large) with Wooden Base stand

size: 7.5x2.5 cm

Code:1332Flat sundial compass

size: 7.5x2.5 cm

Code:1333Handle Elenometer compass

size: 8x2 cm

Code:1334Open Compass

size: 7.5x2.5 cm

Code:1335Paper Weight Wheel Compass

size: 10 x1.5cm

Code:1336Paper Weigh Compass ( Coloured dail)

size: 7x1.5 cm

Code:1337Gandhi Compass

size: 4 cm

Code:1338Pen Holder with compass

size: 15 cm

Code:1339Lensiatic Compass

size: 5x2 cm

Code:1340Sundial compass (Triangale)

size: 10 cm

Code:1341Sundial compass (Round)

size: 4 cm

Code:1342Box Sundial compass (Round)

size: 7x3 cm


Code:1344Paper waight Sundial compass

size: 7.5x1.2 cm

Code:1345Zodiac compass


Code:1347Wooden Base compass (plastic dial)

size: 15x6 cm

Code:1348 Royal sundial compass

size: 11x2.2 cm

Code:1349Bridge Deck compass

size: 18 x 10 cm

Code:1350Magnifying Glass tent

size: 10 cm

Code:1351Paper weight Compass (wooden Base)

size: 6x3 cm

Code:1352Flat compass

size: 10 x 1.5 cm

Code:1353Stand compass

size: 10x7.5 cm

Code:1354Boat compass (Wooden Box)

size: 15x15x10 cm

Code:1355Clinometer Compass (wooden Base)

size: 7x2.5 cm

Code:1356Brunton compass

size: 10x3.5 cm

Code:1357Compass on Pillar With wooden base

size: 12x15 cm


size: 6x2.5 cm

Code:13593 Leg Compass

size: 6.5x3 cm

Code:1360Surveying compass with Stand

size: 6.5x11 cm

Code:1361Stand compass Prism

size: 7x9 cm

Code:1362World Time compass (Antique finish)

size: 14x10 cm

Code:1363Surveying Compass (big) with Stand

size: 10 x16 cm

Code:1364Boat compass (Wooden Box)

size: 11.5x11.5x8 cm

Code:1365 Gimble compass

size: 13x15 cm

Code:1366Helograph compass

size: 10x14 cm

Code:1367Gimble Compass

size: 6x13.5 cm

Code:1368Gimble Compass (foot screw)

size: 9x15.5 cn

Code:1369Helmet Compass (Medium)

size: 17x20 cm

Code:1370Boat compass (Hanging)

size: 10x20 cm

Code:1371Gimble Compass with Wooden Base

size: 18.5x15 cm

Code:1372Boat compass (small)

size: 18.5x15 cm

Code:1373Compass with Stand (Nicked polish)

size: 10x9 cm







Code:1384Marien Master Box

Code:1385Ponm compass





size: 7.5 cm


size: 8.5cm


Size: 7.5cm



Size: 5.5cm


Size: 6.5cm


Size: 6cm